Minecraft-Updates [Fr. 7. May 2021]

We have the following updates on the survival server for you:

  • A tradesystem in survival (/trade)
  • A bot in survival, which may answers your questions.
  • For privacy reasons, we change the following things:
    • We will delete and regen your plots in survival if you have not played survival for more than 180 days. For the rare case, that you go on a very long trip, please contact us and we will protect your plots.
    • The same policy is effective in creative
    • After 180 days of not joining our server your data will be deleted automatically, with one exception: If you got a punishment by our team or a plugin, your punishment will not be automatically deleted. We also do not delete those(especially bans)
      • We note, that your data could be saved longer in some logfiles and in backups. But these are under normal circumstances not processed by us.
  • We renamed the VIP rank, such that it now fits twitch. It’s now called: SUB
  • We’ve done some server optimisations.

If you got any feature requests or bugs, please contact us.

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