Minecraft-Updates [Sun 4. Apr]

Hello everybody. Please find the updates below.

What we’ve changed:

  • You’ve requested that you can sell to the server. So we’ve made a shop where you can make that
    • At the place of Butcher at the spawn you can now buy and sell food
  • You’re now able to create your own signshop.
    • How to:
      1. Create a sign of the following format (Buy=The USER buys from your chest, Sell=The User sells to your chest):
        Line1: [Buy] OR [Sell]
        Line2: The Name of the item.
        Line4: the price you want to pay or get
      2. Create a chest, where the item you want to sell/buy is in it
      3. Hit both with redstone dust
      4. with a golden axe you can destroy your shop
    • What you have to know:
      • Be nice, we reserve the right to delete your shop and use our rights!
      • Dumping is not allowed.
      • You do not have the right for unlimited shop
      • If the chest is full/empty you won’t sell/buy
  • We’ve updated the Rewards-system:
    • If you vote on all sites, you get 100 additional coins
  • We’ve finally disabled the feature /rp tp

Daily tip: Please tell us some bugs

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