Minecraft-Updates [Sat 3. Apr 21]

Hello everybody today we’re releasing some cool features just for you.

We’ve added the following things:

  • There is still an Easter event, check the last updatenotes
  • For the not so careful survival players, we’ve added an angelchest
    • When you die, your items will be stored in a chest for 15 minutes and you can get them. After that 15 minutes the chest is deleted
    • Others can get them too

The following function is considered to be deprecated and will be removed in a future Update

  1. If you used /rp tp for teleportation, you should now create homes, that you can teleport in the future, since we’re going to deactivate this in the near future

Daily tip: We appreciate your suggestions.

Have a nice Easter and stay tuned for the next updates.

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