Minecraft-Updates [Fr 2. Apr 21]

Hello everybody today we’re releasing some cool features for you.

What we’ve changed:

  • Easterevent: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/osterevent.39448/
  • You now receive rewards for voting. Those are the following:
    • For each vote you earn 500 Coins
    • You can purchase some things in the votestore (everywhere something different, just enter /vote shop):
      • We note, that this prices are linear dependent on the number of sites(E.g.: We are now on two sites. If we double that number we also double the price.)
      • In the Lobby you can purchase:
        • 1 Week VIP for 12 votes
        • 1000 Coins for 1 vote
      • In Survival you can purchase:
        • The Dragonegg for 666 votes
      • In Creative you can purchase:
        • Worldedit for 40 Votes for 1 week
      • In SkyBlock you can purchase:
        • A Beacon for 25 votes
        • A Netherite ingot for 5 votes
  • We’ve made some changes in creative:
    • You now get automatically teleported to your plot on join
    • you can now rate a plot:
      • /plot like [next | purge]
      • /plot dislike [next | purge]
      • /plot rate [# | next | purge]
  • You can now check your warnings with: /warns

The following function is considered to be deprecated and will be removed in a future Update

  • If you used /rp tp for teleportation, you should now create homes, that you can teleport in the future, since we’re going to deactivate this in the future (probably in the coming week)

Daily tip: Have fun.

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