Minecraft-Updates [1. Apr 21]

Hello everybody, we have the following updates on the Minecraftserver for you available

The following things changed:

  • On skyblock: The Hopperlimit has been increasd from 50 to 100
  • Taxes: We’ve recieved much negative feedback so we changed the Taxes again: For people above 500’000 you pay 2.5% taxes per week. If you have more then 1’000’000 you pay 25’000 per week.
  • You can now buy the following things in the /pshop in Survival:
    • We’ve enabled the feature to buy bigger plots. You can get the following rights:
      • 19600=140×140 for 999’999
      • 10000=100×100 for 500’000
      • 8100=90×90 for 350’000
      • 5625=75×75 for 180’000
      • 3600=60×60 for 50’000
    • You’ve requested to be able to sell more than five items in /ah Therefore you can now buy that:
      • The permission to sell 10 things for 10’000
      • The permission to sell 20 things during one week for 12’000
  • We’ve raised the rewards for the minigames:
    • Spleef:
      • Win: 100
    • Bedwars:
      • Win: 500
      • Kill: 10
    • Survivalgames:
      • Win: 500
    • Buildbattle:
      • 1. Place: 500
      • 2. Place 400
      • 3. Place 300
  • Weather and daynightcicle in creative is now disabled.
  • Clarification: The nice build rule: You can only apply for a bigger plot if you got all upgrades.

The following function is considered to be deprecated and will be removed in a future Update

  • If you used /rp tp for teleportation, you should now create homes, that you can teleport in the future, since we’re going to deactivate this in the future (probably in the coming week)

Daily tip: If you find a bug and report it, we reward you. If you find a bug and do use it, we will punish you.

Kind note: If you are not happy with the server, please tell us what we should improve. We’re happy to consider your suggestions. (Some of the updates today are suggestions of the community.)

Stay tuned for more updates.

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