Minecraft-Updates [Wed 31 Mar 21]

Hello everybody, we have the following updates on the Minecraftserver for you available

The following things changed:

  • Till today you got 1 Coin per hour, now you get 70 Coins per hour. (This is the equivalent of two teleports per hour)
  • We decreased the cost of a teleportation in survival to only 35 Coins
  • The Sky Block-Bank was used to hide money, this means, that you now pay 15% each day for your stored money(only coins!) there.
  • Taxes: If you have more than 500’000 Coins you pay 5% taxes per day. (Please note, that this still allows you to to increase your balance if you play active.)
  • We’ve added a suggestion-form on the homepage, such that you can give suggestions for the server. (You can add your suggestion in english, german, french) Please be polite
  • This blog now exists.
  • If you want to build something nice(something that makes the server more appealing to the others) in survival and do not have enough blocks, please contact us on discord, such that we can discuss that with you and give you more area, if we consider it nice.
  • Due to a bug in the plugin, we’re forced to disable the add or remove any leaders function for your region in survival. If you need that, please contact somebody in the team!
  • NEW Blocklimits in Survival(please note that we’re on a quadratic scale) :
    • VIP: 3025 (before: 2500)
    • Member: 2025 (before: 1600)
    • default: 1225 (before 900)

The following function is considered to be deprecated and will be removed in a future Update

  • If you used /rp tp for teleportation, you should now create homes, that you can teleport in the future, since we’re going to deactivate this in the future (probably in the coming week)

Dally tip: You can rent your survival-region to other players. Please find more information about that here: https://github.com/FabioZumbi12/RedProtect/tree/master/Addons/BuyRentRegion

Kind note: If somebody misbehaves on our server, please contact us immediately.

Stay tuned for more Updates.

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